A Form-Function English Grammar

What is grammar? The popular notion defines grammar as actual or presumed prescriptive rules about the correct use of a language. Such a definition is limited in scope. Grammar refers to the structural rules that govern the formation of words, phrases, and clauses in a language. Grammar encompasses morphology and syntax. Morphology is the study of the structure of morphemes in a language, or the study of words and parts of words. Syntax is the study of the structure of phrases, clauses, and sentences in a language, or the study of word order.

A Form-Function English Grammar consists of two levels of grammar workbooks and texts: Elementary Series and High School Series. The Elementary Series consists of eight workbooks. The High School series consists of a two-volume textbook and two workbooks.

The Form-Function Method of grammar is based on four principal tenets:

(1) Languages contain a finite number of grammatical forms.
(2) Languages contain a finite number of grammatical functions.
(3) Grammatical forms perform one or more grammatical functions.
(4) Grammatical functions can be performed by one or more grammatical forms.

The Construction Grammar framework approaches language as consisting of grammatical constructions that form the basic units of language. Construction Grammar analyzes language as expressed, positing no underlying form.

A Form-Function English Grammar: Elementary Series is an elementary workbook series for kindergarten through eighth grade that builds up to A Form-Function Description of the Grammar of the Modern English Language, a textbook and workbook that provides a descriptive grammar that strives to provide an objective description of English as used without value judgements. Each workbook teaches the forms and functions of the English language through text and activities. The answers to all the activities are located at the end of each workbook.

A Form-Function English Grammar: High School Series high school textbook and workbook series for ninth grade through twelfth grade. Book 1 (Level 9A) covers the introduction and chapters 1 to 11. Book 2 (Level 9B) covers chapters 12 to 18 and the conclusion. The included workbook contains questions and answers for each chapter in the textbook including the introduction. The glossary in Book 2 provides an alphabetical list of the definitions of the bold terms throughout the textbook. The appendices in Book 2 offer quick references on English forms and functions, strong verbs, adjective phrase complements, prepositional verbs, catenative verbs, and phrasal verbs. Level 10 is an additional workbook that reinforces the information taught in A Form-Function Description of the Grammar of the Modern English Language. Each lesson in Level 10 correlates to a chapter including the introduction in the Level 9 textbook.